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Design of Tire Assembly Area Organizations in I/O 21686 Conditions - Diploma Project

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The degree project includes 1. Drawing planning RMM RF No. 216862. Drawing planning Shinomontazhny site 3. Assembly drafts4. Detail Puller

Project's Content

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Additional information



1. Analytical part

1.1 Purpose and structure of the enterprise

1.2 Fleet list

1.3 Existing Maintenance and Maintenance Organization

1.4 Analysis of production and financial activities of the enterprise

1.5 Enterprise Development Prospects

1.6 Existing process organization in the designed area

1.7 States, composition of workers in the designed area

1.8 State of safety at the designed area

1.9 Deficiencies in operation and proposals for process improvement in the designed area

2. Calculation and processing part

2.1 Selection and justification of the program

2.2 Adjusting Regulatory Data

2.3 Calculation of total labor capacity

2.4 Calculation of labor intensity of works in the designed area

2.5 Calculation of the number of production workers

2.6 Proposed Process

2.7 Equipment selection

2.8 Area calculation

3. Energetic part

3.1 Heating calculation

3.2 Water costs for production needs

3.3 Calculation of Power Power

4. Structural part

4.1 Purpose, device and operating principle of the accessory

4.2 Calculation of the main part for strength

5. Labor protection and fire prevention measures

5.1 Basic provisions on labor protection, TB, fire-prevention actions

5.2 Ecology

5.3 NOTES at the developed area

5.4 Calculation of natural and artificial lighting

5.5 Calculation of natural and artificial ventilation

6. Economic part

6.1 Calculation of the main technical and economic indicators


List of used literature


For a number of reasons, road transport in Russia is becoming increasingly important. Cars are widely used in all areas of the national economy and perform a significant amount of transport robots, or rather serve to transport goods and passengers.

Cars have a wide range of applications in various fields and different climatic conditions and are therefore subjected to various loads. Therefore, the technical condition of the car during long-term operation does not remain unchanged. It deteriorates due to wear of parts and mechanisms, breakdowns and other malfunctions, which leads to a deterioration in the performance of the car. The main means of reducing wear of parts and mechanisms and preventing failures of the car, i.e. maintaining it in proper technical condition is timely and high-quality maintenance. Maintenance and TR labor costs are very high and account for 91 percent of all costs. Timely and high-quality performance of all work related to the maintenance of the car will increase its service life without major repairs, which will affect the amount of work performed.

The technical condition also depends on the storage conditions of the car.

For performance of objectives it is necessary to use widely means of technical diagnostics, as much as possible to mechanize production sites and shops of the maintenance (M) and maintenance (M) of cars, to equip them with hoisting-and-transport mechanisms and control and adjusting devices, to improve technology of M and TP and production management, to create the required production and household and sanitary and hygienic working conditions of repairmen.

Knowledge of all factors and patterns of changes in the technical condition of cars allows you to correctly organize work to increase the reliability and durability of the car through timely and high-quality maintenance.

Maintenance of rolling stock in terms of periodicity, as well as labor intensity are divided into the following types: daily maintenance (ES); first maintenance (TO-1); second maintenance (TO-2); seasonal maintenance (CO).

EO includes inspection work, filling with fuel, oil and cooling liquid, and for some types of specialized rolling stock - sanitary treatment of the body.

With long-term operation, cars reach a state where the cost and labor associated with keeping them operational in the conditions of motor vehicles becomes more the profit that they bring in operation. This technical condition of cars is considered to be the limit, and they are sent for major repairs to car repair enterprises.

The organization of car repair in our country is constantly paid great attention.

To better meet the increased need for automotive repair. In the rear, new ones were opened on the basis of some industrial enterprises: repair plants, as well as mobile repair units for current and major repairs of cars and their units in the field.

Much attention is paid to the training of scientific and engineering personnel in car repair. In 1930, the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute was organized, in which the Department of Automobile Production and Repair was created. The same departments in subsequent years were organized in automobile and road institutes in the cities of Kiev, Kharkov, Omsk, Tashkent and in many polytechnic institutes of our country. Currently, road and motor transport technical schools produce highly qualified specialists in the operation and repair of cars.

Car repair production in our country is constantly developing and improving. The current course on the concentration of overhaul of cars in the production associations of the automotive industry will allow to enlarge and specialize enterprises.

At large specialized car repair enterprises, conditions are created for the wide use of the most advanced technological processes, modern equipment, mechanization and automation. This master direction in the development of car repair production will lead to a sharp improvement in the quality of car overhaul and the fullest realization of its economic benefits.


This diploma project includes: explanatory note and graphic materials. The following points are reflected in the sections of the explanatory note.

The Introduction considers the main tasks assigned to the motor vehicle and its importance.

The Analytical Part contains a general description of the enterprise, a general orientation. All aspects of the enterprise structure are considered.

In the Design Technology Part, calculations were made of the total labor intensity, labor intensity of the designed area, the number of production workers, and areas. Equipment was selected. The proposed process is indicated.

In the Energiticheskaya part, calculations were made - power electricity, heating - as well as water costs for production needs.

In the design part, the device is considered - the purpose, device and principle of operation are given. The main part has been calculated for strength.

The following part contains the main provisions on labor protection, safety, fire protection, ecology, NOTs in the developed area, calculation of natural and artificial lighting, calculation of natural and artificial ventilation.

In the Economic part, the main technical and economic indicators were calculated.

The graphic part of the diploma project includes the most significant materials, as well as not fully displayed materials of the explanatory note


The drawing planning the existing engineering building A1;

The drawing planning the developed site A1;

A1 assembly fixture drawing;

Drawing detail A1.

I refined and applied the knowledge gained during the implementation of Course projects in the disciplines Repair and Technical operation of road machines, Economics of the industry.

Thus, according to the diploma project as a whole, it can be noted that the goals and objectives set as a result of the work carried out have been achieved.

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